About Us

Caminos Latinos is about the debate on undocumented immigration in the United States. Immigration reform is one dialogue that has been discussed by President Obama. However, many citizens of the United States still see this as people living off of our economy. I want to break that belief.

There are numerous reasons people run from their home. Nobody leaves their country because they want to face the strenuous route that includes the high possibility of extortion, rape, drowning, dehydration, and often times death. Violence and poverty in most of Latin America are remnants of the United States footprints from The Cold War.

I will try to walk you through some Latin American History lessons and personal stories of undocumented immigrants who have risked it all for a better life. I want you to see their path.

This space is dedicated to all of those who have made it and those who didn’t on their journey to pursue the American dream.